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BMW M50 2.5 engine

Published Date Written by kratzer


BMW 325i e35 192cv and 525i e34 non vanos M50b25 engine.

bmw m50 engine

- Power 192 hp / 5.900 rpm Torque 25,0 mkg / 4.700 rpm

- Weight 136 kg, enginde code 266S1.

- Inline 6 cylinder.

- Displacement 2494 cm (84,0x 75,0).

- Compression ratio 10,0:1

- Cast iron block.

- Aluminum alloy cylinder head.

- Double overhead camshafts (DOHC).

- Four valves per cylinder.

- One ignition coil per cylinder.

- Fuel injection Bosch Motronic M3.1

- Max. Permissable engine speed 6500 +- 40

- Two catalyst / one lambda sensor.

- Fuel pressure 3,5 bares.

- Electric fuel pump 3,5 - 4 bar.

- Oil capacity: 6,5.

- Idle oil pressure 0,5 bar, oil presssure 4 bares.


Bosch Motronic M3.1 BMW 325i e36.


Motronic M3.1 e36


+30 Battery

+15 Voltage: Ingition switch in run

-31 Ground


C9.1 Integrated climate regulation

C4.1 Drive Away protecction signal

S5 Automatic transmission range switch

C1 Diagnosis connector

T1 Ignition coil

B6 Air mass meter

Y1.1 Idle actuator

Y4 Evaporative emission valve

Y2 Injection valve

K1 Engine control module relay

K2.1 Oxygen sensor relay

K4 Fuel pump relay

H1 "Check engine" indicator control

F Fuse

M1 Fuel pump

B1 Oxygen sensor

R7 Camshaft sensor

R5 Crankshaft position/ rpm sensor

K9 Relay (A/C)

INT Instrument Cluster


U5 Integrated climate regulation control module

R8 Throttle position sensor

R1 Engine coolant temperature sensor

R2 Air temperatur sensor

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