BMW 318ti compact E46 swap M54 and Supercharger

Published on Saturday, 02 January 2016 Written by kratzer


BMW 318ti compact E46 M54 Supercharger:

- Engine M54 3.0 e46 231hp 306S3.
- ESS Tuning Twin Screw Supercharger Stage 2 (8 psi/0.55 bar 335hp and 410nm).
- BMW Performance intake.
- Supersprint exhaust headers.
- Eisenmann exhaust.
- BMW Performance 325mm front brake discs.
- BMW Performance 6 pot front calipers.
- 328mm rear brake disc.
- BMW Performance 2 pot rear calipers.
- 3.38 differential ratio
- Quaife Limited Slip Differential.
- Eibach sway bars.
- Bilstein B8 shoks.
- Eibach pro kit springs.
- 6 speed gearbox.
- BMW Performance short shift
- BBS CH Motorport wheels.
- BMW Performance strut bar.


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